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Activities You Can Do from Your Norfolk Holiday Cottage

Norfolk is a popular holiday destination in the UK. The fruit farms and natural beauty attracts lots of visitors here every year. Most visitors prefer staying in the holiday cottages here for a different experience rather than staying in hotels that they usually do every holiday.

Staying in the cottages allows you to be close to natural surroundings and breathe fresh air. Here you will get holiday cottages of different types, from the expensive ones to the more affordable ones.

You can also find romantic cozy cottages for two. There are pet-friendly cottages available too. Several different activities can be done in Norfolk.

The beautiful surroundings make these activities more pleasing and exciting.

Annual Three Rivers Race

If you like boat riding, then you can attend the Three Rivers Race. This is a wonderful competition and attracts a lot of people near the river. You will enjoy the excitement of the crowd as they cheer for their favourite team in the competition.

Walks with the Warden (Hickling)

The one and half-hour walk gives you a glimpse of the wonderful surrounding areas of Norfolk. The walks start in the morning and along with the tourists, many local people also go for the lovely walk.

Water Trail Safari and Supper

If you are too tired to go for a walk in the morning, then you can go on this wonderful evening experience. You can go water trailing around the waterways of Hickling Board and get spectacular views. You can later have dinner at the Pleasure Boat Inn.

Hunstanton Carnival

The carnival takes place in the beautiful town of Hunstanton. Various shows take place at the carnival that is entertaining for everyone. There are wonderful things to buy and great places to eat as well.

These activities will keep you excited and busy throughout your vacation. You will get the chance to mix with the local people and learn about the local culture too.

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